Message from MoASBO President

Posted by MoASBO on 11/17/2021

Hey, MoASBO colleagues -- I’m excited to check in with you, but can hardly believe it’s already fall!  Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it?  It seems like just yesterday we were sweating (literally and figuratively) over the start of school and now we’re into November.

I wanted to catch you up on a couple of things this month.  I’ve started traveling to the in-person meetings of our regional groups, and have really been enjoying the interactions.  Thanks especially to GO ASBO, NE ASBO, and CMo ASBO for their hospitality, and to our MoASBO business partners who have provided lunch for meetings - Stifel, MOSIP/PFM, and Marsh and McLennan!  Over the next several months I hope to meet many more of you as I continue to make the rounds across our state.

I also wanted to share a bit about the ASBO International Annual Conference last month in Milwaukee.  It was an outstanding conference! As Kim Cranston has mentioned I was honored to receive the International Eagle Award this year from ASBO and part of this trip was receiving that award officially.  However, I can tell you the highlights of the trip were all about the excellent professional development opportunities and, even more so, about networking with friends from across the country who also work in school business.  Our small but mighty Missouri delegation renewed friendships with colleagues in Iowa, Washington, Oregon, Kansas, Illinois and several other states.  These relationships are the bedrock of my successes in school business, and I would bet they figure prominently in your story as well. 

I’d like to ask, in this season of Thanksgiving, that you think of one colleague or friend who works in a Missouri public school or on school business somewhere else in our country.  Reach out to them.  Thank them. Write an email or a short “snail mail” note.  They will really appreciate it! 


“In the end, it is about truly caring for every precious human being whose life we touch. It is about including everybody, not just the fortunate few or the exceptionally talented. It is about living with an abundance mind-set: an abundance of patience, love, hope, and opportunity. Everyone wants to contribute. Trust them. Leaders are everywhere. Find them. Some people are on a mission. Celebrate them. Others wish things were different. Listen to them. Everybody matters. Show them.”

- Bob Chapman in “Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family”