Changing Seasons Offer Up an Opportunity for Growth

Posted by Clint Johnston on 1/10/2019

In Missouri, the seasonal changes offer many opportunities for growth.  In education, we experience these same opportunities which allow for the advancement of student learning within our school districts. 


Clint Recently I saw a statement that most New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first 12 days of the year.  Just like in our personal lives, our professional lives require us to commit to change for the purposes of the betterment of the end product:  our students!


January 1 offers a new year for the 900,000 students being educated in Missouri public schools.  As school business officials, we play a substantial role in the success of these students in the coming semester.


From late winter through early spring into summer, numerous meetings will be conducted at the district building and program level leading to budget development for the 520 public schools in the state.  Throughout the course of these meetings, tough decisions are reviewed, analyzed, agreed upon, and implemented allowing for the educational advancement of our children.


Let me be the first to thank you for your involvement in this complex and challenging process that leads to the growth within our schools.  Like the changing seasons, each part of this budget endeavor results in significant outcomes which involve students, staff, administration, schools districts, and communities. 


I hope you have a wonderful second semester.  I look forward to seeing you at the spring conference at Tan-Tar-A.  Registration for this conference is currently available on the MOASBO website.  We are going to have a great conference offering professional development opportunities that I hope help you continue with your growth as a school business official.


Here is to a wonderful 2019! 


All of my best in education,

Clint Johnston

Superintendent, Jefferson R-VII School District