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Mexico School District is Hiring an Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent & Board Secretary


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO THE SUPERINTENDENT AND BOARD OF EDUCATION SECRETARY - Mexico School District is accepting applications for the position of Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Education Secretary (12 months with benefits).  


  1. Advanced College/Business Career Training Preferred,
  2. High School Diploma, Extensive Computer Knowledge,
  3. Five years of work-related experience,
  4. Must qualify for Bonding


REPORTS TO: Superintendent

General Purpose:

Main Job Task and Responsibilities:

  1. Must maintain a high level of confidentiality
  2. Responsible for paperwork requiring the Superintendent’s approval:  leaves, discipline, permissions, etc.
  3. Responsible for clerical duties for the Superintendent and Board of Education (letters, emails, phone calls, scheduling meetings etc.)
  4. Responsible for the yearly Board of Education candidate filing and election.
  5. Must attend all board meetings.
  6. Responsible for updating the NEE (Network for Educator Effectiveness) program.
  7. Responsible for A+ Grants.
  8. Responsible for Board of Education reports/meetings: scheduling meeting dates, preparing packets, typing minutes, completing paperwork after board meetings, and filing.
  9. Responsible for keeping all Board policies, procedures, and forms up-to-date
  10. Responsible for keeping the Board of Education informed of required trainings.
  11. Assists with coordinating building Handbooks 
  12. Responsible for assisting the Superintendent in processing paperwork, keeping the calendar, planning and preparing for meetings, travel arrangements, etc.
  13. Responsible for the Retirement ceremony with the board for district employees retiring.
  14. Assists with coordinating paperwork related to John T. Belcher and GH Dudley scholarships
  15. Responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Pioneer Awards and Holiday Reception.
  16. Responsible for sending out Holiday Reception invitations to staff and retirees
  17. Responsible for keeping the district calendar updated with current activities, meetings, etc.
  18. Assists with, as needed, Core Data Screen and Data gathering.
  19. Assists with communicating with teachers regarding their certification. 
  20. Assists with verifying teachers have the correct certification at hiring and throughout the year.
  21. Assists the custodian of records with requests (sunshine law, legal requests, etc.)
  22. Assist with compliance and requirements with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 
  23. Assist with compliance and requirements with the Missouri Ethics Commission.
  24. Assisting in all areas with Central Office as directed by the Superintendent
  25. Responsible for any other tasks assigned by the superintendent