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Mexico School District is Hiring a Payroll Coordinator

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TITLE: Payroll Coordinator



● College Degree or High School Diploma with relevant work experience.
● Proficiency in multitasking and organizational abilities are essential. 

General Purpose: Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities: Monthly and Biweekly Payroll
● Enter timesheets for teachers/administrators
● Enter athletic events tickets for work at games
● Enter Staff As Subs assignments to pay monthly
● Import leaves from AESOP into SISFin and post leaves. Update leave as needed
● Check PSRS certification on PEERS Teachers
● Pay taxes on payroll date for monthly payroll
● Process garnishments as needed
● Enter leave request hours into TCP from SISFin and AESOP for the current pay period.
● Figure blended overtime on employees that work over 40 hours weekly with multiple jobs with different rates. Enter to pay in SISFin.
● Manage employee deductions/benefits each pay period.
● Upload payroll file to OASIS EWP monthly.
● Validate file information, submit, and pay monthly.
● Report Bureau of Labor Statistics information monthly