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Riverview Gardens School District is Hiring Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

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Summary: Reports to the Superintendent of Schools. Provides strategies to develop the district vision, mission, and goals to affect student achievement.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides ideas for the development of district vision, mission, and goals; interprets and/or clarifies district vision, mission, and goals to students, staff, and community; implements district vision, mission, and goals; assists in the assessment of district goals
  • Assumes responsibility and leadership for the academic progress of each student that is research based, attentive to standards, and is based upon a problem solving model
  • Provides leadership and support for all school improvement processes; evaluates and assists with the implementation of educational programs; initiates and oversees curriculum development and implementation
  • Develops and promotes professional growth for staff; facilitates the determination of instructional strategies
  • Assists the principals with the coordination of instructional programs; assists in establishing levels of expectations for student achievement
  • Evaluates student progress/needs both individually and in groups to facilitate effective instructional leadership.
  • Establishes budgetary needs of the curriculum and instruction programs, grants, and school improvement for the district
  • Prepares and submits to the board of education recommendations for the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and educational programs, implementation
  • Interprets and enforces policies and procedures
  • Assumes responsibility for federal, state, and district reporting in areas of responsibility
  • Provides professional development for administrators and supervisors; establishes high performance expectations for all employee groups; conducts performance evaluations on all employees under their direct and indirect supervision
  • Monitors each employee's level of performance, monitors and ensures administrative and employee compliance with procedures, policies, and guideline
  • Assist administrators and supervisors with employee improvement plans in respective departments
  • Prepares and submits to the board of education recommendations and reports facts, information, discipline procedures, and guidelines
  • Provides oversight for state and federal academic and support programs and administrators; including Title programs, student assessment, college readiness, early childhood, PAT, ESOL, gifted, library/media, and professional development
  • Supports the Professional Development Committee for certified staff members
  • Plans, coordinates, and evaluates MSIP standards and reports, is responsible for CSIP alignment and responsibilities, school improvement progress
  • Assists in the development and implementation of board policies and directives, and carries out duties and responsibilities as outlined by district policies and procedures
  • Demonstrates involvement in professional growth activities to demonstrate personal and professional qualities, skills, and characteristics of an effective administrator
  • Assumes responsibility for creating and maintaining a positive culture and climate district-wide
  • Provides ongoing and regular communication systems with directors, supervisors, and employees in areas of responsibility; establishes and maintains an attitude of trust amongst and between all employee groups in areas of responsibility
  • Establishes cross-functional working groups to support District initiatives
  • Stay abreast of current literature, legislation, rules, and regulations pertaining to areas of responsibility, making recommendation updates
  • Works collaboratively with all stakeholders to improve the overall performance of the District
  • Performs other duties as assigned