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Parkway School District is Hiring Chief Financial Officer

JOB TITLE:  Chief Financial Officer                                 
Location: Administration

Position: 12 months, Exempt                          
Open Date: 12/8/2023
Start Date: 7/1/2024

Starting Pay: $163,000                                       

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The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) leads the district’s financial and operations departments including budgeting, purchasing, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, investments, financial statement reporting, grants administration, investments, risk management/liability insurance, contract review, benefits, and wellness, along with other financial areas. Additional operations department leadership includes technology, facilities, environmental services, custodial, maintenance, construction, safety, sustainability, transportation, nutritional services, and warehouse. 
The CFO is a member of the district’s senior leadership team.  As the financial and operational leader of the district, the CFO is responsible for implementing school system policies and achieving objectives as outlined in the district’s strategic plan.  The CFO is responsible for coordinating the work of the administrators under his/her supervision.


  1. The CFO leads the department under his/her supervision in conformity with the policies and procedures of the Board of Education, federal, state, local laws, regulations, and mandates.
  2. The CFO provides clarity and direction of department programs, procedures, services and initiatives to the Superintendent’s Action Team, Board of Education, staff members, vendors, and the community.
  3. The CFO is a participating member of the Superintendent’s Action Team following established decision-making procedures. 
  4. The CFO reviews, develops, and recommends board policies as appropriate.
  5. The CFO serves as the Treasurer for the Board of Education.  The CFO prepares, assists, and reviews financial and operation departments’ board items, presentations, and reports that are presented to the board or required by governmental agencies.  The CFO attends regular and special meetings of the Board of Education.
  6. The CFO attends, participates, and/or coordinates, when appropriate, department, district, local, and state meetings.
  7. The CFO reviews, negotiates and executes all contracts less than $50,000 per board policy.  This includes coordination with legal counsel when appropriate.
  8. The CFO is responsible for the district’s risk management and coordination of liability insurance coverage and claims reporting. This includes liability and workers compensation.
  9. The CFO uses a systematic process for district budget development and monitors the efficient expenditure of funds.  In addition, they will make appropriate revisions to the budget when needed throughout the year.  They provide reports and presentations to the Board of Education.
  10. The CFO provides short- and long-term budget scenarios to develop recommendations to maintain the financial integrity of the district.
  11. The CFO calculates and reports the annual tax rate information for the county and has it approved by the state auditor's office and the Board of Education. The recoupment is reviewed and calculated annually and levied when approved by the Board of Education.
  12. The CFO is responsible for the timing and issuance of bonds and recommends levy adjustments and timing of bond initiatives.
  13. The CFO provides information and assistance to the district’s negotiating teams with financial data necessary during the negotiations process.
  14. Leads the Operation Leadership Team meetings coordinating all reporting departments in addition to human resources and communications/emergency management.
  15. Leads the work of the Executive Director of Finance and the Executive Director of Operations.
  16. The CFO performs all other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

Project Parkway and the Strategic Plan

  1. The CFO actively participates in the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the district’s strategic plan and establishes goals and coordinates action steps with assistance of operation department leaders to accomplish the goals of the strategic plan.
  2. The CFO ensures that the finance and operation departments’ plans and procedures reflect and support the district’s strategic plan.
  3. The CFO is a steering committee team member for Project Parkway.
  4. The CFO is a collaborative team member who participates and assists in determining the Project Parkway yearly focus areas for all finance and operations departments as determined by the Superintendent Action Team and as directed by the Superintendent and Board of Education.  

Professional Development

  1. The CFO monitors and supervises department professional development efforts ensuring they are connected to the district’s strategic plan.
  2. The CFO is an active participant in professional development including organizing and leading professional development activities for supervised departments as well as district administrators and staff members as appropriate.
  3. The CFO demonstrates commitment for professional development by attending educational conferences, conducting personal research, and actively sharing information with others.

Other Duties:

  1. The CFO is visible in all supervised departments developing relationships and establishing high expectations for staff performance.
  2. The CFO collaborates with administrators to obtain goals and coordination of the department's improvement plans and the district’s strategic plan.
  3. The CFO monitors and recommends staffing plans for the supervised departments to the Superintendent’s Action Team.

 Desirable Qualifications

  1. Graduation from accredited college or university with at least a master’s degree in business administration, public school administration or related field.  A Certified Public Accountant and Certification in School Finance and Operations are preferred.
  2. Five years of successful experience as a financial officer in a school district or related organization.
  3. Knowledge of the principles and practices of public school education and related financial policies with the ability to apply them to the needs of the district.
  4. Ability to plan, organize, and coordinate the finance and operation departments.
  5. Strong leadership skills to effectively lead and develop effective working relations with staff and all members at all levels, vendors, and community members.
  6. Ability to effectively collaborate and communicate both verbally and in writing.