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Fox C-6 School District is Hiring a Director of Business & Financial Services

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POSITION TITLE:         Director of Business and Financial Services

STATUS:                        260-Day Employee

FLSA STATUS:               Exempt

PAY CATEGORY:            Director 2

REPORTS TO:                Chief Financial Officer


POSITION SUMMARY: Plans, organizes and supervises the District's financial accounting and reporting functions; provides assistance to the Chief Financial Officer in a variety of fiscal management assignments.



  1. Analyzes financial information for the purpose of identifying potential budget variances, compiling statistical information, developing procedures, and conforming to established financial practices and regulatory requirements.
  2. Assists auditors for the purpose of providing requested supporting documentation, information on internal processes, and/or coordinating activities in support of the audit process.
  3. Attends meetings of the Board of Education, as required.
  4. Collaborates with other administrative personnel and/or outside agencies (e.g. district personnel, community organizations, etc.) for the purpose of implementing and maintaining services and/or programs in accordance with established financial policies, practices, laws and/or regulatory guidelines.
  5. Compiles statistical and financial data for the purpose of providing third-party reporting, developing budget recommendations, providing financial summaries to other personnel, and/or ensuring compliance with established guidelines.
  6. Coordinates a wide variety of accounting projects (e.g. database development, annual budgets, grant reports, etc.) for the purpose of providing required guidance and support.
  7. Develops reporting processes, procedures, and internal controls (e.g. fixed asset policy, state regulations and requirements, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining the efficient flow of financial processes.
  8. Facilitates department meetings and may participate in district and community meetings (e.g. financial procedures, regulatory requirements, interdepartmental needs, etc.) for the purpose of identifying issues, developing recommendations, supporting other staff, and serving as a District representative.
  9. Implements accounting procedures in accordance with Board Policy for the purpose of providing internal financial controls throughout the organization and ensuring compliance with established accounting practices and all applicable regulatory requirements.
  10. Manages district funds for the purpose of meeting monthly cash flow demands and maximizing reserves through strategic investments.
  11. Monitors expenditures against budget and/or a wide variety of account information for the purpose of ensuring the accuracy of reported information, availability of funds, and compliance with established financial guidelines and program policies, practices, and regulatory requirements.
  12. Oversees and prepares the schedules for the Annual Secretary of the Board Report (ASBR).
  13. Prepares financial reports for the Board of Education.
  14. Provides technical expertise and direction to staff and administration regarding accounting issues and related financial activities for the purpose of conveying pertinent information regarding the organization’s financial operations and ensuring compliance with established policies, practices, and regulatory requirements.
  15. Responsible for year-end closing activities.
  16. Recommends policies, procedures, and/or actions on issues that relate to financial operations for the purpose of providing direction and/or making decisions for the district.
  17. Reconciles fiscal information and account balances for the purpose of verifying accuracy of information, maintaining accurate balances, and complying with accounting practices.
  18. Researches a wide variety of financial and administrative topics for the purpose of providing information and/or recommendations that impact the organizations operations.
  19. Responds to inquiries from a wide variety of internal and external sources (e.g. staff, insurance companies, government agencies, etc.) for the purpose of providing information, direction, and/or appropriate referrals.
  20. Supervises the maintenance of payroll records for district personnel including tax withholding, retirement, and social security reports and directs the preparation and delivery of payroll checks.
  21. Trains department staff regarding proper accounting practices for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the fund account and generally accepted accounting principles.
  22. Supervises and evaluates department staff.
  23. Other duties as assigned by the Chief Financial Officer.