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Wright City R-II School District is Hiring a Bookkeeper


Title:  Bookkeeper
Description: The Wright City R-II School District has an opening for a bookkeeper. Accounts payable and governmental fund accounting experience preferred. This position is full-time with benefits.  Employment starts January 3, 2022.

Title: Bookkeeper (Accounts Payable & Accounting)
Reports To: Business Manager
Summary: Assists district business manager in performing accounting and bookkeeping functions for the school district.


Job Responsibilities: Complete all accounting tasks in an accurate, efficient and timely manner. The duties and responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to:

Accounts Payable
1. Weekly tracking of daily bus miles and semester tracking of student ridership lists.
2. Enter approved invoices in accounting software program.
3. Ensure monthly accounts payable expenditures align with contracts/agreements.
4. Maintain monthly credit card purchasing logs. Upload p-card files in accounting software program for payment.
5. Record monthly copier counts on spreadsheet to track usage for budgeting and future bid specifications.
6. Submit expenditure report to Board of Education for approval of bills each month.
7. Maintain paid invoice files.
8. Ensure expenditures for each high needs student is correctly coded in the accounting system and assist in DESE's annual audit of the High Needs Fund (HNF).
9. Assist with tracking purchase orders & invoices with payment received from the Wright City Foundation for grants awarded by the Foundation. Invoice the Foundation for grants awarded.
10. Assist with coordinating all other grant revenue and expenses with person responsible for grant application and business manager. Provide information needed to complete final expenditure reports. Review final expenditure reports for accuracy.
11. Assist with reconciling insurance proceeds with district expenses for property insurance liability claims.
12. Complete Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC) questionnaire.
13. Track Certificate of Liability forms.
14. Complete monthly U.S. Census Bureau’s Construction Progress Reporting Survey (CPRS) for major construction projects when applicable.
15. Order checks.
16. Maintain employee purchasing cards.
17. Maintain and reconcile petty cash.
18. Prepare and submit credit applications for payment terms as needed.
19. Prepare or assist in preparation of bid specifications. Ensure bid is posted online and in newspaper. Meet with bidders as needed. Notify bidders of awards and prepare purchase orders if applicable.
20. Prepare and send invoices for homeless transportation reimbursement.
21. Clear all deposits in accounting system monthly.
22. Prepare and mail 1099 forms and 1096 summary form.
23. Assist in preparation of ASBR. Prepare Transportation Report to include school bus and facility depreciation as applicable.
24. Assist in the annual audit
25. Assist in creating and maintaining forms in online record database & district's staff website and create/maintain informational documents on district’s staff website.
26. Assist with staff handbook updates.
27. Complete Sunshine Law and court ordered requests.
28. Comply with state laws, district policies, and regulations.
29. Maintain accurate records and keep them secure and protected.
30. Participate in professional development activities.
31. Continually improve and expand mechanics of the accounting process.
32. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assogned.