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Hazelwood School District is Hiring a Assistant Principal

POSITION TITLE: Assistant Principal, Middle School

REPORTS TO: School Principal

POSITION SUMMARY: Assists the principal in providing the best possible educational programs to ensure that each student enrolled receives the best educational experience the school can provide. FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB Essential Functions

1. Evaluates, encourages and recommends improvements regarding the instructional program in a junior high school.

2. Keeps the principal informed of developments regarding his/her duties and responsibilities.

3. Assists the principal with administering the operation of the school.

4. Administers and evaluates the activity programs related to improvement and maximum participation.

5. Assists the principal in formulation of objectives in support of District objectives and policies.

6. Assists the principal in the selection of prospective members of the certificated and support staff.

7. Assists the principal in the evaluation of personnel under his/her direction for the purpose of improvement in instruction, and re-employment.

8. Assumes an active role regarding disciplinary actions involving students that demand his/her personal attention.

9. Assists the principal in the development of the master schedule and grade reporting; and in preparation of reports requested by district supervisory personnel and/or outside agencies.

10. Assists in providing a program for transition from elementary school to junior high school and from junior high school to senior high school.

11. Assists the principal in the development of an annual budget for the educational program in the building.

12. Positively and objectively represents and interprets the school to the community. 13. Participates in professional activities designed to enhance competency in all areas of responsibility


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