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Hazelwood School District is Hiring a Elementary School Principal

POSITION TITLE: Principal, Elementary School

REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent

POSITION SUMMARY: Provides educational leadership to effectively develop and present the best possible educational programs, to ensure that each student enrolled receives the
best educational experience the school can provide.

Essential Functions
1. Evaluates, encourages and recommends improvement regarding the instructional
program; develops a desirable climate for learning and takes effective measures to
maintain it.
2. Keeps his/her supervisor informed of developments regarding operation of the
3. Coordinates administrative operation of the school; gives initial approval to budgeted
4. Continuously evaluates school sponsored activities, including those occurring before
and after normal school hours.
5. Cooperatively plans and implements a program conducive to the overall objectives of
the District.
6. Participates in the selection and assignment of the staff; makes teaching and duty
assignments; schedules and conducts faculty meetings.
7. Evaluates personnel under his/her supervision for the purpose of improvement of
instruction and for re-employment; participates in the procedure to alleviate staff
8. Takes an active role in disciplinary actions involving students that demand his/her
personal attention.
9. Supervises the direction of student records and information services; personally
prepares or supervises the preparation of reports requested by outside agencies or
District supervisory personnel.
10. Directs a program organized to aid the student in transition between elementary and
secondary school.
11.Supervises the development of an annual budget for the educational program of the
12. Prepares an annual report to the Assistant Superintent.


Education:  Broad knowledge of an advanced and professionally specialized discipline or other studies not available in undergraduate schools, involving an advanced theoretical knowledge within a specialized field; equivalent to a Master’s degree.

Experience:  Requires a minimum of five years up to and including seven years of successful elementary classroom teaching experience; and practical experience in instructional management, effective teaching models, and curriculum development, implementation and evaluation.

Skills and Abilities which may be representative but not all inclusive of those commonly associated with this position:

  1. Apply principles of rational systems to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral diagrammatic, or schedule form.

  2. Compute discount, interest, profit and loss; commission, markup, and selling price; ratio and proportion, and percentage.

  3. Perform reading, writing, and speaking at an advanced level.

  4. Ability and personality necessary to work effectively with colleagues, parents, other individuals, unions, community and school groups and organizations.

  5. Must demonstrate positive, effective “people skills”.


All activities, Demands, Conditions and Requirements are linked to Essential Job Functions unless marked with an asterisk which denotes linkage only to marginal function(s).

Period of Employment: Contractual period of employment is 11 months for the 2020-2021 School Year.

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