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ASBO International Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations (SFO)

sfo logo Developed by school business management professionals, SFO certification adheres to the ASBO International Certification Code of Conduct and validates the essential skills and knowledge all qualified school business management professionals should have to meet their responsibilities.

Obtaining SFO certification is a straight-forward process. A candidate must first meet the eligibility requirements, take and pass a two-part exam that covers Accounting and School Business Management, and adhere to the ASBO International Certification Code of Conduct.

The following materials were developed to help candidates prepare for the SFO examination. The documents address self-study versus study groups and how to start and run an effective study group. Exam content areas and format are presented. There is a discussion of existing resources to help candidates study for the exam, including some practice questions and answers. Exam day preparation tips are also offered.

To learn more about the SFO certification process, click here

Current SFOs, visit the  ASBO International website to view the Re-certification Guide.

Download the Guide to Studying for the Examinations.

If you have questions, please contact Kurt Kaup.  

Kurt Kaup
SFO, CFO, Orchard Farm R-V School District