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Maximizing Bond Dollars for Your General Fund: A Strategic Approach

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In Missouri, non-tax increase bond issues present fantastic opportunities for districts. These endeavors, though requiring a vote, often pass with resounding support, allowing for building projects every few years. However, the real challenge lies in maintaining funds within the general fund, managing operating fund levy increases, and ensuring essential services while directing as many funds as possible toward classrooms.

Typically, bond dollars are earmarked for new ventures like security upgrades, sports facility enhancements, or even construction of new buildings. The perpetual challenge faced by districts is addressing existing infrastructure needs. As a district, it is advisable to explore options when contemplating the next bond project, giving due attention to existing facilities infrastructure. While it may seem counterintuitive to use all bond dollars or a portion of bond dollars, updating existing infrastructure in an energy-efficient manner can indirectly contribute savings into the General fund, more specifically, helping to reduce the cost of your support services, therefore leaving more dollars to be utilized directly toward the classroom.

If uncertain about your upcoming bond project, consider consulting with an energy savings company specializing in such projects. Many offer a no-cost preliminary analysis, providing insights into potential savings and viable projects. Approached correctly, this strategy can influence communities to vote on bonds geared not only toward new facilities but also infrastructure upgrades, backed by a guarantee of generating savings in the general fund.

Navitas' experience indicates that most clients save between 20-40% off their energy budgets after completing these projects. Data from ASBR reports of past clients corroborates this trend, showcasing tangible and positive effects on the districts we've collaborated with.

For those curious about the steps involved in obtaining a preliminary assessment, feel free to reach out. We're here to guide you through the process.

Written by Luke Lindesmith

About the Author: Luke Lindesmith serves as the Business Development Manager at Navitas, with a primary emphasis on the K-12 markets. Leveraging his background as a former design engineer, he adeptly assists clients in navigating unique approaches to facility and financial challenges. Luke can be contacted at 620.515.4313 or via email at