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ESSER III Appropriation Deadline

In March of 2021, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan (ARP). As part of the ARP, or ESSER III funds, Missouri is scheduled to receive approximately $1.95 billion for public education. By now, our members are aware that this money must be expended by September 2024. However, before the money may be expended, it must first be appropriated by the Missouri legislature.  
On Tuesday, November 2, our office was made aware of an additional deadline regarding ESSER III. Federal regulation/guidance dictates that if ESSER III funds are not awarded by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) by March 24, 2022, the funds will revert back to the federal treasury for redistribution to other states. In order for DESE to formally award the funds, they must be appropriated by the legislature.  
At this time, please know the Governor and key legislative leaders are aware and are developing a plan to appropriate said funds before the March 24 deadline.  
District superintendents were informed of this information yesterday via email. However, because this matter is of great importance, we wanted to ensure that other administrator groups were made aware as well. If you have questions or concerns regarding the substance of this email, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
Legislators That Represent A Portion of Your School District:
Andrew Koenig (R) Phone: 573-751-5568
Paul Wieland (R) Phone: 573-751-1492
Dave Schatz (R) Phone: 573-751-3678
Paula Brown (D) Phone: 573-751-4163
David Gregory (R) Phone: 573-751-2150
Shamed Dogan (R) Phone: 573-751-4392
Trish Gunby (D) Phone: 573-751-3859
Derek Grier (R) Phone: 573-751-9765
Bruce DeGroot (R) Phone: 573-751-1247
Dottie Bailey (R) Phone: 573-751-0562
Shane Roden (R) Phone: 573-751-4567