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Member Spotlight

Meet Todd Smith, a superintendent for Louisiana R-II School District.
Todd SmithHe has been a MoASBO member for about seven years, and believe MoASBO is his greatest resource.
"The training opportunities for me have been invaluable. MoASBO is a wonderful resource to seek advice, training, and advocacy," said Dr. Smith.
Let's get to know Dr. Todd Smith:
Question 1: What is your favorite part of the job?
Response: I enjoy working with the board, community, buildings, and staff to deliver the best opportunities for the students and families in our district. 
"I have been fortunate to have a wonderful mentor. Jim has taught, guided, and trained me to give it my all.  His dedication has inspired and challenged me to go above and beyond for my district," said Dr. Smith. 
Question 2: In your spare time, what activities do you enjoy?
Response: I am a trained chef - I love to cook. Plus, I enjoy traveling with my wife and fishing. 
Question 3: Any words of wisdom for your colleagues?
Response: Start networking from day one!