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The Benefits of a Guided Enrollment

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When it comes time to enroll in your benefits, one of your best options is to participate in a guided enrollment experience. It will allow you to receive on-on-one support from experience account managers, become fully educated on all your benefits options, and feel confident in your decisions. Other enrollment options like self-enrollment won’t provide you with the assistance or attention you deserve.

The Individual Attention You Seek

While self-enrollment may be a popular choice for many, it doesn’t provide the guidance and support you need to make the best decisions about your benefits. You may think you can handle it on your own, but 85% of employees actually want individual support when completing their benefits enrollment.1 With a guided enrollment, you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want and receive the one-on-one attention you deserve from a dedicated account manager.

93% of employees who’ve participated in one-to-one benefits counseling sessions found them valuable, yet only 15% are offered this kind of personalized benefits experience.2

Choosing the right benefits is an important process not only for you, but also for your family. If you don’t feel supported by your benefits provider during that process, you may end up questioning your decisions.

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Reliable Information Straight from the Source

Another option you may consider is simply searching the internet for benefits information. However, whatever you find on the internet may not be accurate for your employer’s plan. With the benefit of a guided enrollment, you’ll receive the information you need right from the source. Your account manager will give you all the details to help you understand your specific policies.

It’s crucial that you feel educated on your benefits prior to and throughout your enrollment process. If you feel uninformed or confused, you might end up paying for something you don’t actually need. A guided enrollment experience places a high value on personalized education. Educational materials that are customized to fit your needs are not only provided during enrollment, but also before to help you feel prepared going into the process. Forty-eight percent of employees said their employer did not provide them with enough educational resources to prepare them for enrollment decisions.3 But if you participate in a guided enrollment, you’ll receive the proper education and communication about your benefits options.

You shouldn’t have to handle your benefits alone. Having a dedicated account manager walk through your benefits options with you can help ease some stress or pressure you may be feeling. With guided support, you’ll complete your enrollment feeling confident that you made the best choices for you and your family.


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