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Message from MoASBO Incoming President

Incoming president, Charles Brazeale, introduces the 2021-2022 board of directors and shares his thoughts about the upcoming year in the above video. 



MoASBO Incoming President Remarks: 
As I think about this upcoming year for MoASBO there are several things on my mind. 
We will all need to:
  • Continue defending Missouri public education and our students from those in the capital who want to destroy our system, or who are bent on removing tax revenues, regardless of the impacts
  • Work together to provide excellent learning opportunities, training programs and, resources for our members
  • Support our growing – even thriving! – regional MoASBO groups.
But, mostly I think about you, our individual members in school districts all across our state.  You may be in a district where there are multiple members of MoASBO, and numerous people working to support the business side of your school district, or you may be one of our many, many members who work basically alone – the only bookkeeper for the district, or the small school superintendent who is wearing lots of hats, taking on everything from the ASBR to curriculum revision and driving a bus! 
Regardless of where you are serving, I want to share a good word with you…. It’s the Zulu word, Sawabona.  That’s s-a-w-a-b-o-n-a.  Used as a greeting, Sawabona literally means, “I see you”.  The more nuanced meaning is that the person approaching sees you, understands where you’re coming from, and is pleased to be in your presence. 
After this past crazy, isolated school year, I want you to hear me – and MoASBO – offer you, “Sawabona”.  I see you, I’m so pleased to be able to serve you this coming year, and I LITERALLY intend to see you. 
I’m very hopeful that MoASBO will very soon get back to a regular schedule of in-person events where I can see you – and you can see so many others -- as we network with each other.
I also want to share that I see you in terms of the resources you need to do you job well; serving your students.  Kim and her staff have continued to work and plan and I will work with them – and our board – to deliver an excellent set of professional learning opportunities for each of you in the coming year. 
I hope to see you in the Capital.  Now more than ever, we need to be building relationships with our locally elected state representatives and senators.  Friends, we can truly be a resource, helping them understand the sometimes complicated, always important factors of school business. 
Finally, I really want to COME see you – I plan to make at least one in-person visit to each of the regional MoASBO groups around the state.  These are excellent geographically close groupings of our members.  If you’re not in one, join!  If there’s not a group near you, then let’s talk about getting one started!  I look forward to being there to learn from you, and share about the great work your association is doing.  While I’m out travelling, I’d love to just stop in and visit with you over a cup of coffee, or while touring your school.  I can be a good visitor and storyteller, but really, I’d like to hear from you – how MoASBO benefits you, how we can get better, and how we can really be the association you need. 
So, I’ll close the way I started, simply offering you, “Sawabona”.  I see you – and I look forward to seeing you, hearing you, and enjoying your presence this year!