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Business Partners Celebrations

Congratulations to our business partner, MOSIP!  Recently, the program celebrated an all-time high of $3.2 billion in assets. You read it correctly...that's BILLION with a "B."

What does this mean for MOSIP member districts? As you know, this program works with school districts and other organizations to help them meet cash flow and investment needs. Being part of a large pool, such as MoSIP, provides for:
  • ease of converting  assets to cash in a timely manner (liquidity)
  • reducing risk by distributing investments across various financial instruments and categories (diversification)


A big "shout out" to another business partner, Gilmore Bell. This firm has been ranked as the top bond counsel firm in the Midwest (in dollar volume and number of issues) with 453 long-term municipal issues and $7.34 billion in dollar volume. At the state level, Gilmore Bell remained as the top bond counsel firm in Kansas, Missouri and Utah (in dollar volume and number of issues).