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Member Spotlight

Meet Dr. Scott Archibald, a superintendent in the Orrick R-XI School District. 
Archibald has been a MoASBO member for four years, and loves Scott Archibald the communication and networking opportunities MoASBO provides. "MoASBO has been quick and knowledgeable with their communication during this pandemic," said Archibald.
Let's get to know Dr. Scott Archibald:
Question 1: What is your favorite part of the job?
Response: Working in a smaller district, I get to work with all aspects of the district and I get to see the direct impact on the students.
Question 2: In your spare time, what activities do you enjoy?
Response: I enjoy spending time with family, playing golf, and spending time at the lake. 
Question 3: Any words of wisdom for your colleagues?
Response: Expect the unexpected - everyday brings a new challenge.