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MoASBO Announces the Business Official of the Year

We are excited to announce Dr. Kari Monsees as the 2020 Business Official of the Year.  Monsees, the superintendent for Raymore- Peculiar School Image of Kari District, has been a member of MoASBO for the past 17 years. He has served on the association's board of directors and as the chair of their legislative committee.  He regularly conducts workshops on budget development and is considered a trusted expert on public school finance in the state of Missouri.
According to Kelly Genge, MoASBO recognition committee chair, Monsees believes in transparency and teamwork.  She notes that Raymore-Peculiar has received the Meritorious Budget Award for the past five years and increased the voter approval rate.
 "It is an honor to receive this recognition," Dr. Monsees said. "MoASBO is an excellent professional association that is dedicated to supporting the members so they can help their school districts improve student success."
Kim Cranston, MoASBO executive director says, "Kari is one of the most respected administrators in the state. People seek his input and advice on a variety of financial and operational issues and topics."
Dr. Monsees previously served as Chief Financial Officer in the Wentzville School District. Prior to that, he held administrator positions in the Warrensburg School District and the Moniteau County R-I School District. He began his career as a teacher and athletic director in the Smithton R-VI School District.
Dr. Monsees is retiring as Superintendent of Schools at the Raymore-Peculiar School District at the end of the 2019-2020 school year and will become the new deputy commissioner of the Division of Financial and Administrative Services for the Department Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).