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MoASBO Network – Webinar Registration is Open

Check out the informative webinars that will help you expand your knowledge, increase your skills and keep you up-to-date on the latest issues and best practices in school business. These one-hour webinars offer a convenient way to continue your professional development without having to leave your school district.

MoASBO members receive EIGHT webinars at no cost. Participation fee is $20 per webinar for non-members and for members who participate in more than eight webinars. An invoice will be provided via email to participants with fees charged.



Webinar Topic



July 18


Finalizing Your ASBR

Do you need clarification? This webinar is for you!

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Tammy Lehmen - DESE

 July 25


New Laws and Legislation that Impact Your School District

Hear from veteran school business officials as they walk you through legislation that will affect how you do your job.  Cut through the "legalese" and get answers to the most important question, "What does this mean for me?"

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Jason Hoffman, CFO/COO
Jefferson City Public SD

Kari Monsees, Superintendent
Raymore-Peculiar SD

Scott Kimble 

 Aug. 22


Working After Retirement/ Critical Shortage

Avoid the pitfalls. This webinar offers the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. 

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Sept. 26



Stress and change can be hard without burning out, lashing out or giving up. This webinar is designed to help you adapt when the stakes are high and life doesn’t go according to plan.

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Courtney Clark- Accelerated Resilience Expert and Keynote Speaker

Oct. 17


Lessons Learned from ACA Reporting

Whether you're new to the responsibilities of reporting insurance coverage eligibility or you just need a refresher, this overview of ACA mandate provisions will show you how to best comply and avoid penalties. Learn the potential penalties your district can incur and identify best practices for avoiding them.

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Monica Schermier-Pritz  
American Fidelity

Oct. 29


Best Practices: Helping Your Educators Get the Classroom Resources They Need.

Teachers need viable classroom funding source, filling gaps and providing strategic acceleration for academic programs can be a challenge. This webinar will help your district can maximize teachers' participation in collecting funding while maintaining financial transparency and accountability, integrity controls, privacy, and safety.

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Rob Curtis 
Horace Mann


Zac Rantz, Chief Communication Officer
Nixa SD

Nov. 12


Why Does the Cloud Matter? What Does the Cloud Mean to You?

This webinar will provide a better understanding of Cloud technology. 

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Greg Lawrence, Director of Technology
Wentzville SD

Nov. 22


Safety for K-12 Schools: Instant Communication in Times of Crisis.

At a time when school security and student safety are a national priority, how can you implement good communication processes to ensure success? This webinar will provide you with just that.

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Dan Farkas
Strategic Communication
Ohio State University

Dec. 9



This webinar will cover the details you need to know about FLMA and the financial obligations to employees.

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Susan Goldammer

Feb. 20


Record Retention

When is it time to shred documents? This webinar will teach record retention best practices and provide clarification on government regulations.

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John Korasick, PhD, CA
Director, Local Records
Office of the Secretary of State

Mar. 5


The Eternal Search for Work-Life Harmony

Achieving a balance between work and life outside of work. The ever-changing work of a school business official makes it even more difficult to juggle. This webinar will explore what work-life balance really means, how to define it for yourself, and how to move toward a more balanced life.

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Jeff Feyerer,
Chief School Business Official
Fairview South school District


Mar. 24


Communication Skills in the Business Office  

Communication can be difficult. This webinar will teach you effective communication skills needed for the business office. 

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 Anya Randle, CFO
Assumption Parish Schools