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School district administrators, business officials and support staff personnel look to MoASBO for professional development and networking opportunities to help them be leaders in their professions.
  • Active Member - $125 - School administrators, business officials and support staff who are employed and directly involved in the operation of public or private school districts.

  • Educational Associate Member - $55 - Persons involved directly or indirectly in education who is not qualified as an active member. School board members, faculty members, educational consultants,
    Missouri Department of Education, post-secondary institutions and other state agencies, etc., are eligible for membership in this classification.

  • Emeritus Member - $45 - Persons who were MoASBO members for a minimum of three years at the time of his/her retirement and shall no longer be employed by a board of education. Retired means having been accepted for retirement by PSRS, PEERS or MoSERS.

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