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Senate Bill 160 Voucher Tax Credit

Senate Bill 160, a voucher tax credit bill that is sponsored by Sen. Andrew Koenig (R-Manchester). Here is information you can use when talking to your state legislators about this proposed legislation.
Voucher Tax Credits:

Are Expensive
  • This voucher tax credit scheme will cost $25 million (which may be lowered to $15 million once the bill is brought to the floor) when Missouri's budget situation is already extremely vulnerable. 
  • The situation will only get worse because SB 160 allows the voucher program to grow each year. Using the $25 million cap from SB 160, over a ten (10) year period, the program will divert approximately $250 million from the general revenue fund which would have likely been used to fund the foundation formula (we will need approximately $61 million to fully fund the formula for FY 20). Those funds would also have gone to fund transportation which is currently underfunded by approximately $200 million. 


Do Not Save School Districts Money

  • The bill permits a qualified student to attend a public school that is not their own resident district.
  • In terms of financing, and to the point about saving districts money, the bill would permit a receiving district to count the child as ADA. The student would then be free to spend the $6,308 (current SAT) voucher on other permitted items enumerated in the bill (e.g., computer hardware).
  • Essentially, the bill permits double dipping or, at a minimum, additional use of taxpayer dollars.

Create Open Enrollment
Senate Bill 160 contains an open enrollment provision which permits students to utilize the voucher to attend a public school that is not their resident district.