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MoASBO has established professional certification to provide high standards of professional ethics and competence for the school business official. 

Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations® (SFO)

The SFO certification is an opportunity to:

  • Measure your knowledge and skills against a professional standard
  • Be recognized for your professional accomplishments
  • Increase your visibility and marketability
  • Continue your professional development
  • Stand out from your peers by demonstrating initiative, professionalism, and dedication to school business management
  • Instill stakeholders' confidence in your school system

SFO Certification

School Business Specialist (SBS) Certification

The MoASBO School Business Specialist (SBS) Certification Program is designed to train current support staff members for success in his or her position.     
The program provides:

  • Access to information and training that is specific to Missouri law and regulations
  • A base of knowledge for all school business operations
  • Advancement of the professionalism of business office support staff in Missouri schools       

SBS Certification