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    Welcome to the MoASBO group on 5Share! Forecast5 and MoASBO have teamed up to provide you with access to participate on 5Share—a private online community built specifically for school district leaders to collaborate and tap into knowledge and insight from their peers.
    Access and bookmark 5Share, go to https://5Share.com
    o Enter your MoASBO membership registration email address and your 5Share password. 
    o If this is your first time accessing or you do not know your password, select forgot password and submit your email address. 
    o A temporary password will be emailed to your email address. You can then change the password to one of your choice. 
    o You can also change your password as needed.
    Access MoASBO Tile:
    o Login to 5Share 
    o MoASBO tile is located on the left side of the opening page.
    Note: Webinar and conference presentations/documents are located within the tile and can be found in the documents folder.
    Webinar and conference presentation materials are included in membership benefits, accessible in 5Share on the MoASBO tile and will not be available to non-members through MoASBO.
    Memberships are annual, July 1 – June 30. Your rights to the member only data will end on June 30 if you have not renewed and paid your membership for the next year. Note: Members will gain access to 5Share after payment has been received. 
    If you have problems using the site, please contact Nathan Andrus nandrus@forecast5analytics.com