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    Sessions that qualify for CPE credit are designated with an asterisk (*). Sessions are subject to change without notification. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit will be awarded to CPAs seeking credit who attend designated session(s) and participate in polling questions and post webinar survey. All sessions are monitored and recorded. View description and learning objectives here. 






    October 5

    10 - 11 AM

    Build and Sustain a Self-Funded Community Education Program and Profit

    Find out how building and sustaining a Community Education program could bring additional benefits and revenue to your school district. Hear from Mike Seppi, who oversees Rockwood/Parkway’s programs.

    Mike Seppi, director of Community Education, Community Ed.

    October 17

    1 - 2 PM

    Using Technology to Filter Online Applications and Services

    This webinar will cover how technology is fundamentally changing the way data and information is vetted and used in education.

    Jason Rooks, CIO, Parkway School District. 

    November 8

    10 - 11 AM

    How to Mitigate Concerns Around Portion-Size and How to Spend Down the Surplus from Child Nutrition

    This session will cover basic regulations surrounding the child nutrition fund, surplus, and best practices for closing at the end-of-the-year. In addition, we will hear from experts that have worked on a spend down plan.

    Panel Discussion

    November 15

    10 - 11 AM

    *GASB 96

    Join us for an overview of GASB 96 Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITAs). GASB
    96 is effective for years after June 15, 2022, just one year after GASB 87, Leases.


    While some School Districts expect that GASB 96 will be easier to implement compared to leases; early indications are showing that the volume of SBITAs to be evaluated could exceed the population of leases for some School Districts.


    This session will help school finance professionals learn the unique challenges they will encounter with GASB 96 and what aspects of their GASB 87 experience will be relevant for making the implementation process as smooth as possible.


    Learning Objectives:

    1. Develop working knowledge of GASB 96. 

    2. Analyze challenges in the implementation process. 

    3. Identify best practices and helpful tips to have a smooth implementation. 

    Sara McLeod, deputy director of Audits, State Department of Audits

    December 7

    10 - 11 AM

    How to Transition from Peer to Supervisor?

    This session will equip supervisors with tools and techniques to communicate more effectively, gain trust, set boundaries, provide constructive feedback, and motivate employees for results.

    Elizabeth Cooper, director of HR, Springfield Public


    David Besgrove, chief HR officer, Pattonville

    January 18

    10 - 11 AM

    *Preparing a Budget for the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA)

    This webinar will cover some key recommendations to get your budget ready for the MBA. But with multiple priorities and limited time, how do you pursue an award-winning budget? During this session, we’ll discuss tips on how your district can find savings through existing opportunities.


    Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify best practices and pitfalls to avoid additional liability. 

    2. Analyze funding sources to find savings in your district. 

    3. Review techniques and identify best practices when developing a MBA budget. 

    Paul Kelly, assistant supt. of Business & Technology, Park Hill

    January 23

    10 - 11 AM


    The Mark of Professional Achievement

    This interactive webinar will cover study tips and best practices to achieve the prestigious Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations (SFO) designation. 

    Panel Discussion 

    February 6

    10 - 11 AM

    *How to Work with Vendors Ethically

    This session highlights ethical considerations and best practices that should be taken into account when working with vendors on bids.


    Learning Objectives:

    1. Explore ethical considerations when establishing a working relationship with vendors. 

    2. Determine the legal requirements when establishing a working relationship with vendors. 

    3. Identify best practices and pitfalls to avoid additional liability. 

    Susan Goldammer, associate executive director, MSBA

    February 15

    10 - 11 AM


    Simplify Procurement in Your District with Technology

    This webinar is an overview of both bid management software and marketplace software and the impact each can have on the overall procurement process.

    Kirk Sampson, Business Services, Blue Springs 

    March 7

    10 - 11 AM

    Questions to Ask Before Approving the Attendance Report

    This session will educate and inform school business officials and superintendents on the vital questions to ask before approving the student attendance report. Most all of the data contained on this report is sent to DESE and used for funding and accountability. Understanding its contents, what to look for, and how to avoid mistakes is an essential skill for any district or school business official.


    March 19

    10 - 11 AM


    *Is Your Financial Report Comprehensive? Learn how to add the missing ingredients that elevate your annual report to a COE-eligible Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Explain the purpose of a financial report. 

    2. Identify best practices for a comprehensive report. 

    3. Identify strategies for effectively communicating budget information. 


     Carol MacLeod, senior manager, GFOA

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