• Code of Ethics

    The School Business official:

    1. Makes the well being of students the fundamental value in all decision making and actions.

    2. Supports the principle of due process and protects the civil and human rights of all individuals.

    3. Obeys and supports the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State of Missouri.

    4. Implements the State and local boards of education's policies and administrative rules and regulations.

    • Supports the goals and objectives of the employing school system.
    • Interprets the policies and practices of the district fairly and objectively.
    • Implements, to the best of the official's ability, the policies and administrative regulations of the district. 
    • Pursues appropriate measures to correct those laws, policies and regulations that are not in the best interest of public education.

    5. Pursues stewardship of the district's resources, adheres to commonly accepted business practices, encourages full disclosure of relevant information, and refrains from using the position for personal gain.

    6. Maintains the standards and seeks to improve the effectiveness of the profession through research and continuing professional development.

    7. Actively supports professional associations aimed at improving school business management including MoASBO and ASBOI.

    8.  Accepts the appropriate roles and responsibilities when the opportunity exists. 

    9. Offers assistance and/or guidance to colleagues and nurtures their professional growth.

    10. Honors professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity. 

    11. Does not tolerate the failure of others within their district to act in an ethical manner and will pursue appropriate measures to correct such failures.


    Revised and Approved on 8.1.23