• Being a member of MoASBO means you are connected to colleagues from across the state who understand the challenges of  being a school business official. You have opportunities to network, communicate and collaborate. Additionally, you can receive outstanding professional development to help you grow as an Members individual and help you improve the work of your school district.


    Membership in MoASBO provides you with following services and benefits:

    • Legislative updates
    • Discounted registrations
    • Email notification
    • Access to the Global School Business Network


    Global School Business Network

    • Collaborate with peers in Missouri and around the world.
    • Access news and resources.
    • Get answers to your most pressing school business questions.


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    MoASBO Network - Professional Learning from Your Desk

    These one-hour webinars offer a convenient way to continue your professional development without having to leave your school district.  Veteran and new business officials will find benefit from these interactive forums on key school business topics.  Take advantage of these FREE on-line courses and learn from experts in the field.  Registration is FREE for MoASBO Active Members. 

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    Regional Groups

    MoASBO regional groups bring together like-minded professionals in your area. These meetings are a great way to connect with colleagues from your part of the state. Attend regional meetings to hear speakers on relevant local issues and timely topics for school business officials. 

    You are welcome to attend any of the meetings; however, some groups tailor their presentations and discussions to people in particular job positions. If you have any questions, contact the appropriate contact person to find out more about participation. 

    You can find a full listing of upcoming regional meetings on the MoASBO event calendar.