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  • Holiday Message

    Posted by MoASBO on 12/16/2019

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  • Fiscal notes are your opportunity to provide critical information about potential legislation. Watch this video to learn more about them.

    Posted by MoASBO on 12/16/2019

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  • Check out this month's MoASBO Minute.

    Posted by MoASBO on 12/10/2019

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  • Erick Creach shares important dates for Dec.

    Posted by MoASBO on 12/2/2019
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    Erick Creach shares important dates for December.

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  • Message from MoASBO President

    Posted by MoASBO on 11/26/2019
    Dear MoASBO colleagues,
    Happy Thanksgiving! With the approach of the holiday season, I want to encourage you to take a minute to reflect on your personal growth this year.   
    As leaders, we want to continually learn and grow.  We want to take advantage of high quality professional development, such as what is offered at our conferences and our area meetings.  We also want to reach out to our MoASBO colleagues and discuss the items that we are struggling with.  
    When circumstances arise, and the need for decisions increases,  we grow by stretching outside of our comfort zone and by problem solving.
    Over this past year I have experienced personal growth in several ways:
     -This was my first year to work on boundary line changes for our elementary schools.  We all know that is never done in isolation. Communication and community input is vital. 
    -I have also grown by taking advantage of some exceptional professional development through both ASBO and MOASBO conferences.  
    -I recently attended a "facilities forum" with school districts from around the nation, including New York City Public Schools.  While my school district is considered large in comparison to districts in Missouri, we are tiny compared to them with 1.1 million schools.
    -For the first time, when I met with my superintendent this year to set my goals, I presented personal goals as well.  I want to schedule time to exercise more and to allocate time for self care.  This was an excellent conversation.   As school business officials we are challenged daily with coordinating the time that is needed for our jobs and time to spend with our families.  We need to remember as leaders we need to take care of ourselves so we can successfully lead others.  
    I hope that during the next few weeks you are able to plan time to dedicate to your well-being.  That may include several things to each of us, but I hope it is filled with laughter and relaxation. 
    I  also encourage you to take time to identify what you are thankful for. As they say, a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

    Patty MoASBO President
    Patty Bedborough
    Chief Financial Officer,
    Parkway School District

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  • MoASBO Minute - Message of Thanks

    Posted by MoASBO on 11/18/2019

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  • MoASBO Minute

    Posted by MoASBO on 10/1/2019

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  • Meet #MoASBOMember Dwight Lindhorst from Ritenour School District, where he serves as the CFO. He has been a MoASBO member for 23 years!

    Posted by MoASBO on 9/30/2019

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  • For the first time ever, the SBS participants are meeting in Jefferson City, MO for the School Business Operations Workshop.

    Posted by MoASBO on 9/6/2019

    The MoASBO School Business Specialist (SBS) Certification Program is designed to train current and prospective support staff members for success in his or her position.


    Here are some of the key areas of focus:
    1. Federal, State and Local Agency Reporting
    2. Reviewing School Law
    3. Introducing Fund Accounting Processes

    first  pam

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  • Save The DATE: Registration Opens for the Administrative Leadership Institute on Oct. 15

    Posted by MoASBO on 8/29/2019

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