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  • The Latest Podcast Just Dropped!

    Posted by MoASBO on 2/3/2023

    If you haven't tuned in to SchoolBiz Chat, we encourage you to do so. 


    Get insights on hot topics and relevant issues in school business and education. 

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  • MoASBO Pres. Blog Post

    Posted by MoASBO on 12/27/2022
    MoASBO members,
    Seven years ago, MoASBO introduced a component to our annual Spring Conference – the LEGACY PROJECT.  
    I am a firm believer that Missouri students have the ability to thrive as a result of our MoASBO members' dedication. YOU, our members, have the unwavering adherence to ensure students' success. That is why I selected an organization that values helping others thrive as well. 
    The American Red Cross helps support humanitarian needs locally. The following donations will be used in comfort boxes for kids: 
    • No tear shampoo 
    • Kids body wash
    • Wash cloth
    • Kids toothpaste
    • Kids toothbrush
    • Small brush or comb
    • Coloring book
    • Crayons – small box is fine
    • Small Stuffed animal
    The drop-off will be located near the MoASBO conference registration desk.
    Thank you in advance for playing an essential role in this year's Legacy Project. I appreciate each member and their donation - it's all about the kids. 
    Mary Jo Gruber
    MoASBO Board President
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  • Episode #8 - Hot Topic Education Issues in this Legislative Session

    Posted by MoASBO on 12/16/2022

    Mike Lodewegen, director of Government Affairs for MCSA, talks about legislative priorities for this session.

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  • Episode #7 - The Critical Role You Play in Advocacy (SchoolBiz Chat)

    Posted by MoASBO on 12/2/2022

    Elleka Yost, ASBOI director of Advocacy, has made it her mission to inform School Business Officials of their role in public education Advocacy. We must rise to the challenge of ensuring students' and district interests are represented in Washington.

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  • Episode #6 - Serving Missouri Students (SchoolBiz Chat)

    Posted by MoASBO on 11/18/2022

    Charlie Shields, Missouri State Board of Education President, shares information about serving Missouri schools.

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  • Episode #5 - Are You Ready to Eliminate the Drama from Your Workplace? (SchoolBiz Chat)

    Posted by MoASBO on 11/4/2022

    Dennis McIntee, who will be at the Executive Leadership Forum, is known for working with leaders to uncover their personal organizational constraints in order to build high-trust, high-performance cultures. Tune in to hear podcast host, MoASBO Exec. Director Kim Cranston, interview this leadership expert.

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  • Episode #4 - Student Safety is our #1 Priority (SchoolBiz Chat)

    Posted by MoASBO on 10/21/2022

    Safety is a big concern for all of us. The Center for Education Safety director, Amy Roderick, talks about some of these concerns and the challenges facing schools.

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  • Episode #3 – Motivation and Communication (SchoolBiz Chat)

    Posted by MoASBO on 10/7/2022

    Denise Ryan, who will be the keynote speaker at the Fall Support Staff Conference, shares some tips for staying motivated AND advice for “how to stop letting other people upset you” (check out the blog on  her website www.firestarspeaking.com).  Denise is a professional speaker, author, certified Financial Education instructor and health coach.

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  • Growth

    Posted by MoASBO on 9/26/2022
    As I reflect on this past month, here are some things I've been thinking about:
    First, I'm proud to note that we had one of our largest Missouri groups attending the ASBOI Annual Conference and Expo this year. We enjoyed meeting and collaborating with other school business officials from all across the country.  

    Let's keep the momentum going "locally" by connecting at an upcoming regional meeting and making the commitment to your professional growth as an upcoming conference attendee. 
    I also keep thinking about our role as school business officials and how we impact the success of Missouri students. I want to thank you for your dedication to our students. Our jobs aren't always easy; but, our schools rely on us to stay focused on what's best for kids.
    I hope you have a wonderful fall. I look forward to seeing you at the Support Staff Conference or the Executive Leadership Forum. Registration is currently available on the MoASBO website. https://www.moasbo.org/Domain/4
    MoASBO will continue to be here for you.
    -Mary Jo
    MoASBO Board President


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  • Episode #2 - Dealing with Grief and Loss (SchoolBiz Chat)

    Posted by MoASBO on 9/23/2022

    Dr. David Bein, assistant superintendent of Business Services at Barrington School District, talks about grief and loss. 

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