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  • Conference Registration is Now Open

    Posted by MoASBO on 2/1/2021

    Register today





    What you need to know about this virtual event:

    1. Change in registration fee structure and process – There is no early bird registration. Instead, there is a group discount available for active members.
    (If you have questions about your member status or believe that your member status is incorrect, please contact Diane Winters at dwinters@moasbo.org.)

    If you wish to renew your membership or join MoASBO to take advantage of the benefits, please complete Membership Registration Here.

    2. Multiple Active members from the same school district can receive discounted registration

    • First active member from a district: $150
    • Each additional registrant from the same district: $75, IF all individuals complete one registration submission. Each active member from the district MUST be on one registration submission to receive the discounted rate.
    • Non-members may register in a separate registration submission for $200.

     Note: The business associate conference registration fees are not listed above.


    3. Conference schedule of events – Take a look at how the two conference days will be structured. View Agenda of Sessions.

    View 2021 Spring Conference CPE Session Listing


    4. On demand and live breakout sessions – There are 29 on demand sessions and 16 live sessions.  A complete list of session descriptions and presenters will be posted when all details are finalized. You can expect sessions on the impacts of COVID 19, legal “hot topics,” accounting, budgeting, HR, technology, construction, transportation, communication, and MORE.

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  • Spring Conference Goes Virtual

    Posted by MoASBO on 1/12/2021

    After a review of the spring conference survey results and careful discussion of every aspect of the meeting, the MoASBO board of directors has made the unanimous decision to move to a virtual spring conference for 2021. 

    Learn more about the virtual conference.

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  • Message from MoASBO President

    Posted by MoASBO on 12/10/2020
    This school year has been challenging for many of us in the education community. In my last blog post, I encouraged everyone to stay connected by leaning on each other for Johnnie support.
    We have had our ups and downs; but, one thing that has remained a constant for me is my family's support.

    As we work through our everyday challenges, it is the people who surround us each and every day that we begin to look upon as family.  People who walk through difficult times with us, shoulder to shoulder, though countless hours and endless days. That is the very definition of FAMILY!

    During this pandemic, my colleagues, school community, and friends have become more like family members.

    My blog message for December is consistent and simple... Celebrate those who have supported you - for me, that's my family.

    Happy Holidays! 

    Committed to staying positive and connected. 
    MoASBO President
    Johnnie Silkett
    South Nodaway School District
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  • Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting Recipients

    Posted by amber Branson on 12/7/2020


    Join me in congratulating these four districts on their recent accomplishments for receiving the COE.  School districts that apply for the Certficiate of Excellence understand the importance of preparation and issuance of their Comprehnsive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The following school districts have been awarded the COE for the 2019-20 year. 

    • Columbia Public Schools
    • Parkway C-2 School District
    • Rockwood R-VI School District
    • Special Admin. Bd of the Transitional School District of the City of St. Louis


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  • Thanksgiving Message

    Posted by MoASBO on 11/25/2020

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  • Military Appreciation

    Posted by MoASBO on 11/11/2020
    Our military veterans are a source of inspiration to all of us at MoASBO. Their noble sacrifices provide and preserve the freedoms we experience today. 
    In observance of Veterans' Day, please join me in saying THANK YOU to the following veterans within MoASBO:
    • Mitch Barnes, Air Force veteran -  West Nodaway R-1 School District superintendent.
    • Lorenzo Boyd, Navy veteran - Lorenzo is with Stifel, a MoASBO business partner.
    • Bill Couldry, Air Force and Vietnam veteran - Bill holds an Emeritus membership with MoASBO.
    • Matt Frederickson, Army veteran -  Bowling Green School District superintendent.
    • Matt Fritz, Marine veteran -  North Kansas City Schools CFO. 
    • Tim Luebbering, Navy veteran - Osage County R-3 HR manager. 
    • Irene Mauss, Army veteran - Irene holds an Emeritus membership with MoASBO.
    • Tim Michener, Navy veteran - Tim is with Asset Services, a MoASBO business partner. 
    • Jeff Orr, Marine veteran - Fort Zumwalt School District CFO.
    • Ray Patrick, Air Force veteran - Ray served as MARE's executive director and was a long-time MoASBO member.
    • Terry Robinson, Army veteran -  Tipton R-VI School District superintendent.
    • Kirk Sampson, Air Force veteran - Blue Springs School District assistant superintendent business services.
    • Kent Sherrow, Missouri National Guard veteran -  Iron County C-4 School District superintendent.
    • John Siebeneck, Army and National Guard veteran -  Ballard R-2 School District superintendent.
    • Dr. Robert Sigrist, Army National Guard  veteran -  St. Joseph School District director of student services. 
    Thank you for your service to our country!
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  • Meritorious Budget Award

    Posted by MoASBO on 10/29/2020

    Join me in congratulating these seven districts on their recent accomplishments for receiving the MBA.  School districts that apply for the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) or the Pathway to the MBA understand the importance of presenting an accessible and accurate budget to build trust and clear communication with stakeholders. The following school districts have been awarded the MBA award for the 2019-20 year. 

    • City of St. Charles School District
    • Francis Howell R-III School District
    • Raymore-Peculiar School District
    • Rockwood R-VI School District
    • Columbia Public Schools
    • Park Hill School District
    • Ritenour School District
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  • View a message from MoASBO president, Johnnie Silkett.

    Posted by MoASBO on 10/29/2020

    Registration is now open for the Executive Finance Forum: https://www.moasbo.org/Domain/75

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  • The MoASBO board of directors has approved this year's legislative priorities.

    Posted by amber Branson on 10/15/2020
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  • Message from MoASBO President

    Posted by MoASBO on 8/13/2020
    MoASBO Members,
    Pres.  If you are like me, you never expected to see anything like this for 2020. Given the current situation with the pandemic,  it's important to stay positive and optimistic - as difficult as that might be right now - your district and community need you to be the glue that brings your community together.
    To help me in the effort to be the glue for my community, I stay connected with other MoASBO members. We can lean on each other other for support or be pillars of strength to our fellow leaders.  If you have not made those connections, I encourage you to start today.  None of us can do this by ourselves.  We need each other.
    I hope you will take advantage of the ways MoASBO supports you through connection points, timely webinars,  and peer-to-peer discussions within the online community.  These help you stay engaged and in touch.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this difficult situation begins to get better sooner, rather than later, and we are able to connect in-person again.  In the meantime, let's keep connected via our online and social media platforms. 
    Committed to staying positive and connected. 
    MoASBO President
    Johnnie Silkett
    South Nodaway School District
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