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  • Message from MoASBO Incoming President

    Posted by MoASBO on 4/28/2021
    MoASBO Incoming President Remarks: 
    As I think about this upcoming year for MoASBO there are several things on my mind. 
    CharlesWe will all need to:
    • Continue defending Missouri public education and our students from those in the capital who want to destroy our system, or who are bent on removing tax revenues, regardless of the impacts
    • Work together to provide excellent learning opportunities, training programs and, resources for our members
    • Support our growing – even thriving! – regional MoASBO groups.
    But, mostly I think about you, our individual members in school districts all across our state.  You may be in a district where there are multiple members of MoASBO, and numerous people working to support the business side of your school district, or you may be one of our many, many members who work basically alone – the only bookkeeper for the district, or the small school superintendent who is wearing lots of hats, taking on everything from the ASBR to curriculum revision and driving a bus! 
    Regardless of where you are serving, I want to share a good word with you…. It’s the Zulu word, Sawabona.  That’s s-a-w-a-b-o-n-a.  Used as a greeting, Sawabona literally means, “I see you”.  The more nuanced meaning is that the person approaching sees you, understands where you’re coming from, and is pleased to be in your presence. 
    After this past crazy, isolated school year, I want you to hear me – and MoASBO – offer you, “Sawabona”.  I see you, I’m so pleased to be able to serve you this coming year, and I LITERALLY intend to see you. 
    I’m very hopeful that MoASBO will very soon get back to a regular schedule of in-person events where I can see you – and you can see so many others -- as we network with each other.
    I also want to share that I see you in terms of the resources you need to do you job well; serving your students.  Kim and her staff have continued to work and plan and I will work with them – and our board – to deliver an excellent set of professional learning opportunities for each of you in the coming year. 
    I hope to see you in the Capital.  Now more than ever, we need to be building relationships with our locally elected state representatives and senators.  Friends, we can truly be a resource, helping them understand the sometimes complicated, always important factors of school business. 
    Finally, I really want to COME see you – I plan to make at least one in-person visit to each of the regional MoASBO groups around the state.  These are excellent geographically close groupings of our members.  If you’re not in one, join!  If there’s not a group near you, then let’s talk about getting one started!  I look forward to being there to learn from you, and share about the great work your association is doing.  While I’m out travelling, I’d love to just stop in and visit with you over a cup of coffee, or while touring your school.  I can be a good visitor and storyteller, but really, I’d like to hear from you – how MoASBO benefits you, how we can get better, and how we can really be the association you need. 
    So, I’ll close the way I started, simply offering you, “Sawabona”.  I see you – and I look forward to seeing you, hearing you, and enjoying your presence this year!


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  • Congratulations to our ALD, SBS, and SFO

    Posted by MoASBO on 4/27/2021

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  • Check Out Which School Districts Received the MBA and COE Awards

    Posted by MoASBO on 4/27/2021

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  • Congratulations to our retirees!

    Posted by MoASBO on 4/27/2021

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  • Business Official of the Year and Support Staff Member of the Year recipient

    Posted by MoASBO on 4/27/2021

    Join us in celebrating and congratulating this year’s Business Official of the Year and Support Staff Member of the Year recipient.

    Carol EmbreeJackie Wessel

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  • Registration for 2021-22 Membership is Now Open!

    Posted by MoASBO on 3/25/2021
    School district administrators, business officials and support staff personnel look to MoASBO for professional development and networking opportunities to help them be leaders in their professions.
    *Current Active members who renew their membership prior to July 1 will be entered into a drawing for a free membership for the upcoming (2021-2022) year. 
    • Active Member - $100 - School administrators, business officials and support staff who are employed and directly involved in the operation of public or private school districts.

    • Educational Associate Member - $55 - Persons involved directly or indirectly in education who is not qualified as an active member. School board members, faculty members, educational consultants,
      Missouri Department of Education, post-secondary institutions and other state agencies, etc., are eligible for membership in this classification.

    • Emeritus Member - $45 - Persons who were MoASBO members for a minimum of three years at the time of his/her retirement and shall no longer be employed by a board of education.
      Retired means having been accepted for retirement by PSRS, PEERS or MoSERS.
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  • Registration is Open!

    Posted by MoASBO on 3/22/2021


    You don’t want to miss the Virtual MoASBO Spring Conference. You will receive important updates from:

    • Dr. Randall Williams, Dept. of Health and Senior Service Director
    • Dr. Margie Vandeven, DESE Commissioner
    • Dr. Kari Monsees, DESE Deputy Commissioner
    • Dearld Snider, PSRS/PEERS Executive Director
    • Scott Kimble, MCSA Director of Advocacy

    Click here to view an agenda of sessions and descriptions.

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  • Are you ready for the 2021 Spring Conference? Registration is open now!

    Posted by MoASBO on 3/1/2021

    Some of the topics and presenters include:

    • A Paradigm Shift: Educating Like Your Life, Legacy, and Liberty Depends on It – Dr. Art McCoy (Jennings School District)
    • Financing Capital Improvements – Erick Creach (Gilmore & Bell)
    • Negotiating Labor Contracts – Duane Martin (EdCounsel)
    • A Superintendent’s Budgeting Journey with Scot Ecker (Forecast5 Analytics) and Laura Nelson (School of the Osage)
    • Benefits Law Update for 2021 and Beyond – Jeremy Brenner and Lauren Schuster (Armstrong Teasdale)
    • The Character of Ethical Leadership – Dr. Mike Jacoby (Illinois ASBO) and Susan Harkin (ASBOI)

    View full agenda here.

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  • Conference Registration is Now Open

    Posted by MoASBO on 2/1/2021

    Register today





    What you need to know about this virtual event:

    1. Change in registration fee structure and process – There is no early bird registration. Instead, there is a group discount available for active members.
    (If you have questions about your member status or believe that your member status is incorrect, please contact Diane Winters at dwinters@moasbo.org.)

    If you wish to renew your membership or join MoASBO to take advantage of the benefits, please complete Membership Registration Here.

    2. Multiple Active members from the same school district can receive discounted registration

    • First active member from a district: $150
    • Each additional registrant from the same district: $75, IF all individuals complete one registration submission. Each active member from the district MUST be on one registration submission to receive the discounted rate.
    • Non-members may register in a separate registration submission for $200.

     Note: The business associate conference registration fees are not listed above.


    3. Conference schedule of events – Take a look at how the two conference days will be structured. View Agenda of Sessions.

    View 2021 Spring Conference CPE Session Listing


    4. On demand and live breakout sessions – There are 29 on demand sessions and 16 live sessions.  A complete list of session descriptions and presenters will be posted when all details are finalized. You can expect sessions on the impacts of COVID 19, legal “hot topics,” accounting, budgeting, HR, technology, construction, transportation, communication, and MORE.

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  • Spring Conference Goes Virtual

    Posted by MoASBO on 1/12/2021

    After a review of the spring conference survey results and careful discussion of every aspect of the meeting, the MoASBO board of directors has made the unanimous decision to move to a virtual spring conference for 2021. 

    Learn more about the virtual conference.

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