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    Handbook imagePurpose and Objectives of the Program

    The purpose of the one-year mentor program is to support those new to their position.      

    The program is designed to facilitate a relationship in which a more experienced person (the Mentor) voluntarily assists a less experienced person (the Mentee) to grow and develop professionally.  

    As a result of this relationship, mentees will be able to:

    • Identify appropriate professional resources to help them effectively perform their job functions
    • Describe and implement practical, workable ideas and suggestions for improved job performance
    • Utilize MoASBO professional learning and networking opportunities to help them develop and achieve their professional goals


    Qualifications for Program

    The Mentorship Program is available to MoASBO members only for no additional charge.


    Mentees must have an active MoASBO membership.


    In order to be considered as a mentor, applicants should demonstrate:

    • History of MoASBO membership, including current status
    • Minimum of 7 years experience in school business operations 
    • Commitment to continuous improvement and professional learning, such as:

                    Attendance at MoASBO spring conference for past three years

                    SFO or SBS certification (non-superintendents)

                    School Operations Academy participant

                    Administrative Leadership Development program participant



    Application for the Program

    • Mentees interested in having a mentor must complete the Mentee Questionnaire.
    • Members interested in becoming a mentor must complete the Mentor Questionnaire.
    • Mentors and Mentees must take the free online personality test.


    Roles of the Mentor and Mentee


    • Provide guidance to enhance the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for a successful career as a   school business professional.
    • Offer encouragement in formulating plans, goals, and strategies for professional and personal development.
    • Guide in the development of supportive relationships with peers.


    • Be open to exploring ways to enhance your own professional and personal development.
    • Be forthright about areas of uncertainty and challenge.
    • Seek a mentor’s guidance in learning how to successfully network with other school business professionals.


    To find a mentor for you or your staff: 

    1. Contact MoASBO. 

    To request a mentor, contact Kathy Orr at 314-223-4492.

    2. Receive Your Mentor(s) Assignment.  Based on your information,  Kathy will pair you with a volunteer mentor.

    3. Make a Connection. 

    After compiling information from you and your mentor, Kathy will share it with both the mentor and mentee, so you can get in touch! 

    The goal is to provide you with peers who will be able to guide you and/or your staff through monthly phone, face-to-face or email communication.