• The 2024 Missouri's General Assembly Is In Session! 

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    MoASBO's legislative liaison, Kevin Supple, shares the following: While K-12 education fared poorly this year, we know that issues like school choice, minimum teacher salaries, and property tax legislation will return. And we will need to be prepared to address these topics. 





    Review the Legislative update 4-15-24


    SB727 Update 4-1-24

    There are aspects of SB727 that would be beneficial for school districts and teachers, like the increase in minimum teacher salaries. However, the cost of the bill is concerning. The State is anticipating sluggish revenue growth over the next two years, and SB727 would cost almost $600 million in additional funds to implement in FY26. Even worse, the funding to pay for the increase to the minimum teacher salaries is not guaranteed, but is subject to appropriation. If the State is short on revenue (as seems likely, given the low consensus revenue estimate), then districts could face the possibility of having their non-Formula funds (e.g., Transportation) reduced in order to fully fund the Formula and provisions of SB727. We have been in a "Rob Peter to pay Paul" situation many times previously, and the results create real hardships for districts. Please review the SB727. 


    Listen to January 17, 2024  Podcast - Mike Lodewegen, director of Government Affairs for MCSA, talks about legislative priorities for this session.  

    January 08, 2024 - What To Expect 
    Download the January 8, 2024 Legislative Committee Update



    Here's a 2023 Session Recap Summary: What DID and DID NOT Pass!


    For additional information or questions, please contact Kevin Supple, MoASBO 2024 Legislative Liaison, at ksupple@moasbo.org.