• Legislative Update - The Legislative session is officially over!

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    MoASBO's legislative liaison, Kevin Supple, shares the following: While K-12 education fared poorly this year, we know that issues like school choice, minimum teacher salaries, and property tax legislation will return. And we will need to be prepared to address these topics. 

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    Here's a session recap:

    Summary of What DID and DID NOT Pass!

    Legislative Update May 2, 2023
    Your understanding of - and communication about - potential legislation is essential to your job. Below is information regarding potential changes to the foundation formula.

    Foundation formula and teacher's salaries:

    One of the bills under consideration in this session includes adjusting the SAT used in the basic formula. The current calculation is based on data from 2004 and is capped at a 5% annual increase from the state revenue received by a district in the 2004-05 school term. Beginning with fiscal years 2025 and 2026, the bill allows for a percentage increase as follows:

    1. For fiscal years 2025 and 2026 the increase shall not exceed 6%;
    2. For fiscal years 2027 and 2028 the increase shall not to exceed 7%;
    3. For fiscal years 2029 and 2030 the increase shall not exceed 8%; and
    4. For fiscal years 2031 and 2032 and in subsequent years the increase shall not exceed 9%.

    Currently, as specified in the bill, 75% of state revenue received by a district is placed in a fund for teachers, and the remaining 25% is placed in an incidental fund. The bill requires that beginning in 2025, 85% of any increase in revenue be placed in the teacher fund, with the remaining 15% in the incidental fund.

    The attached spreadsheet, at the end of this email, shows the impact of  the increased SAT once fully implemented. The file is sorted from high to low regarding new revenue received by districts. Your district may be impacted in the following ways.

    Another bill under consideration this session would codify into statute a minimum teacher salary of $38,000; this is currently optional for districts. In addition to the minimum teacher salary, there are increases to the salary requirements for teachers with a Master's plus 10 years of experience.

    Districts may find that they are not receiving any significant amount of new revenue under the proposed change to the SAT, but would see a significant increase in their expenditures for teacher salaries.

    PLEASE NOTE: These bills are under consideration but have yet to pass. In addition, the simulation only accounts for a change in the SAT and does not reflect any changes to a district's WADA or DVM; these factors could also impact the total revenue a district would receive through the formula.

    Legislative Update March 2023
    The General Assembly returned from its Spring Break this week, so we are about mid-way though the 2023 session. There are typically over 2,300 bills filed each year; several hundred of those impact PK-12 education in some way. Below is an update on some major pieces of legislation that are making their way through the chambers. This is not intended to be a comprehensive review of all PK-12 legislation in front of the General Assembly. Please note that some items have been highlighted to draw particular attention to the provision or because there is some action that school business officials should take.
    Legislative Update February 2023
    Legislative Update January 30, 2023 - Download Legislative Summary
    Legislative Update January 23, 2023 - Focus on Open Enrollment
    This information above is not intended to be all-inclusive. Please refer to the Legislative Bulletin of the School Administrators Coalition and the current bills for additional details.



    Legislative Update from 2022 Session:

    March 2022 
    Description: Carol Embree, MoASBO legislative liaison, has provided a highlight of bills that will potentially impact education. 



    Februrary 2022
    Description: Carol Embree, MoASBO legislative liaison, has provided a highlight of bills that will potentially impact education.