MoASBO is here to support you from the moment you register for membership. Whatever the issue, question or challenge, we’re here to help. 


    The MoASBO Help Center provides expertise in the area of public school finance and business services. We’re here to:

    1. Collaborate and Consult
    2. Coach and Support


    Collaborate and Consult

    Veteran members who have “been there/done that” and are more than willing to share their experience and expertise with you. 

    So, give them a call or send them an email.  Ask them about budgets, state formula calculations, setting tax rates, funding projections, or any other finance/business operations topic. They’re here to help!

    Help Center Volunteer


    Coach and Support

    A MoASBO staff member can provide coaching and support when you need temporary assistance in your business office. When a staff member leaves unexpectedly or when you’re transitioning due to retirement or resignation, it’s helpful to have a veteran business official to fill in the gap.  Maybe you have a new bookkeeper who needs a coach to help her learn the ropes – we can help with that.

    Our experts can help with:

    • CORE data reporting
    • State formula calculations
    • Establishment of tax rates
    • State funding projections
    • Budgeting


    We will customize services to meet your individual needs.  This service is available for a fee. 

    Complete the following request:

    1. Click here to complete the online request.

    2. Download and sign the general release form

    (This release form must be emailed to Kathy Orr at korr@moasbo.org)