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    Congratulations to the SFOs who achieved their certification!

    It takes a wide array of technical skills to successfully navigate the day-to-day fiscal and operational duties of running a school district. 



    The SFO certification is an opportunity to:

    • Measure your knowledge and skills against a professional standard
    • Be recognized for your professional accomplishments
    • Increase your visibility and marketability
    • Continue your professional development
    • SFO DinnerStand out from your peers by demonstrating initiative, professionalism, and dedication to school business management
    • Instill stakeholders' confidence in your school system

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    Certified Administrators of School Finance and Operations (SFO) in Missouri:

    Kindra Atkinson Dr. Geoffrey Macy  
    Patty Bedborough Jennifer Milligan  
    Cynthia Byous   Paul Northington    
    Collyn Carey   Sheila Privat  
    Susan Dawson   Dr. Phil Pusateri  
    Pam Frazier   Linda Quinley  
    Matt Fritz   Cindy Reilmann    
    Kelly Genge   Kevin Richmiller  
    Victoria Glaspy Dr. Steve Shelton  
    Mary Jo Gruber     Dan Steinbruegge  
    Nathan Holder   Stephanie Terry  
    Dr. Brian Huff   Katie Thone     
    Kurt Kaup   Brian Whittle