The Missouri Association of School Business Officials (MoASBO) supports the ongoing professional development of school business officials. The MoASBO voluntary certification program is a mark of distinction program that reflects professional achievement and demonstrates a person’s dedication to his/her profession.


    The MoASBO School Business Specialist Certification Program is designed to train current and prospective support staff members for success in his/her position. The program provides:

    • Access to information and training that is specific to Missouri law and regulations
    • A base of knowledge for all school business operations
    • Advancement of the professionalism of business office support staff in Missouri schools


    MoASBO certification courses will provide a great deal of information in a short period of time. The courses are intended to cover major points about their respective topics, offer an opportunity for questions and discussion, and provide resource information for future use.


    Individuals who complete the SBS Certification Program will be recognized at MoASBO’s annual spring conference. A certificate will be sent to the individual, along with a letter to his/her superintendent.



    The MoASBO Board of Directors shall adopt all policies, rules, and regulations governing the administration of the certification program. Policies, rules, and regulations for action should come recommended to the Board from the professional development committee and/or the executive director. Information regarding the certification program will be made available through the MoASBO website.



    1. MoASBO membership is required to become a MoASBO Certified School Business Specialist (CSBS).
    2. An individual must be currently working in a public school at the time application for certification is filed and approved.
    3. The MoASBO School Business Specialist Certification Program and School Business Specialist Continuing Education Program benefit non-supervisory office staff, which may include: bookkeepers, accounts payable/receivable, administrative assistants, secretaries, specialists, analysts, and clerks.
    4. Applicants must have experience specifically in school business to qualify for certification. School business experience is defined as an individual whose primary function and responsibility is business and/or operations, or who spends a significant (at least 2/3) portion of his/her time in one or more areas of business and/or operations.
    5. Experience in the private sector or non-school areas generally does not apply; however, applicants may submit a written request to the executive director for consideration of such time. Written requests must indicate the specific experience, employer, length of employment and how it relates directly to the functions of school business.
    6. Applicants must meet one of the following qualifications:
      1. A high school diploma or GED certificate and one year of school business experience
      2. A college degree and one year of school business experience
    7. At the time of application for certification, the applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor indicating support of the applicant’s pursuit of MoASBO SBS certification.
    8. The applicant must submit an online application which includes agreement to program terms and conditions. The applicant must provide all requested information and documents, and adhere to the MoASBO Code of Ethics pledge.
    9. The applicant must ensure that substitute and/or equivalent courses are approved, in advance, by the executive director.
    10. Upon final approval of the application, completed coursework, and documentation submission, all individuals who meet the standards and qualifications for certification established by the MoASBO Board of Directors shall be certified for a three-year period. Recipients must meet the continuing education requirements, as established by the Board of Directors and described later in this section, to renew their certification for subsequent three-year periods.



    All applications for certification will be reviewed and evaluated by designated MoASBO staff. The executive director will approve or deny the applicants based on information received from the certification application and supporting documents.

    1. The MoASBO staff may request additional information as is deemed necessary to verify application data.
    2. Information provided as part of the application for professional certification shall be used solely for the purpose of evaluating the qualifications of the applicant for professional certification.
    3. MoASBO maintains a “no testing out” policy. To receive certification credit, an individual must attend the course in its entirety, sign in and sign out, complete the course survey, and respond to questions for his/her portfolio.
    4. Questions about the certification program should be directed to designated MoASBO staff.



    The number of applicants is limited to 35 each year. When the number of applicants exceeds 35, the following factors will be used in the selection process:

    1. Area of emphasis - A balance between HR/Payroll (HR/PR) and Bookkeeping/Accounting (BK/AC) applicants will be maintained.
    2. Size of school district - Smaller districts will have priority over larger districts.
    3. Location of school district - As much as possible, a balance of applicants from across the state and the seven MoASBO regions will be maintained.



    Each year, courses are offered at the MoASBO Support Staff Fall Conference, the MoASBO Spring Conference, and the MOASBO-MASA Finance Workshops or at a location nearby. Some courses are offered before or after these events.

    Participants will need to register and submit payment for all conferences and workshops. Workshops outside of those included in the area of emphasis selected, will be additional course selections at the current cost of $60 per course, non-refundable.

    The elective Course “Setting the Tax Rate” is offered in the  second year, fee $60. Elective webinars are offered throughout the second year at a current cost of $35 each. All are non-refundable.

    Courses may be scheduled or rescheduled in electronic format at the discretion of the executive director.

    Participants should be able to complete the certification process in two years.



    All certificates shall be valid for three years from the date granted and will be renewed for subsequent three-year periods upon completion of continuing education requirements.


    The purpose of the continuing education requirement is to verify that certificate holders remain knowledgeable and current in their field of expertise. Certificants are required to obtain five credits per year for a total of 15 continuing education credits every three years. A new certificate will be issued at the end of each three-year period.


    Upon achievement of the SBS certification, participants are automatically enrolled in the continuing education program. There is no enrollment fee. One must be a MoASBO member to maintain certification.



    There may be opportunities for program participants to attend sessions or workshops provided by other groups or associations, such as MOASPA, MPMA, MSBA, or PEERS/PSRS that would provide comparable information.


    Equivalent or substitute courses are those taken in lieu of specific MoASBO courses. These substitutes must be approved in advance by designated MoASBO staff. No more than two substitute or equivalent courses will be allowed. 


    PRIOR APPROVAL is required for these sessions. No credit will be provided if the request for approval is made after the event. Certain documentation and attendance records will need to be provided for any approved event. Consult with designated MoASBO staff for detailed information.



    A professional certificate may be revoked by the MoASBO executive director for failure to meet requirements of continuing education. This revocation can occur only after the individual has been notified in writing (includes email) that continuing education requirements have not been met, and has been given a three-month grace period to turn in documentation of completion. Names of members whose certificates have been revoked for this reason will be provided to the MoASBO Board of Directors at the next scheduled board meeting.


    A professional certificate may be revoked by the MoASBO Board of Directors for violation of the MoASBO Code of Ethics or for falsification or misrepresentation of information relied on when granting the certificate. See Appendix A for the Code of Ethics.


    A professional certificate revoked for failure to meet continuing education requirements may be reinstated if all of the following conditions are met: 1) a new application is submitted to MoASBO, 2) the application fee is paid again, 3) the new application is submitted within one year of the date the certification was revoked, and 4) all delinquent continuing education courses are completed and documentation is submitted to MoASBO.


    The new maintenance period begins the date reinstatement is approved, and upon submission of the reinstatement application, supporting documents, and required fee.



    The current one-time application fee is $900.00 (includes the program fee and all courses in the area of emphasis chosen). Required year two electives and/or substitutions from the alternate area of emphasis are added fees. Additional fees will be incurred for all courses chosen from the alternate area of emphasis and/or additional elective courses. Fees are non-refundable. 

    The application fee must be paid prior to July 31. Fees for all course selections may be included in the Application payment submission. Payment will be processed only when accepted into the program. All course fees are payable upon acceptance into the program.


    A credit card is the preferred method of payment. Checks are also accepted and should be mailed to:

    MoASBO, SBSC Program, 3550 Amazonas Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65109