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    TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    Section I: OVERVIEW

    1. Purpose
    2. Governance of the Program
    3. Eligibility Requirements
    4. Procedures
    5. Selection Process
    6. Frequency of Course Offerings and Associated Costs
    7. Continuing Education Requirements
    8. Equivalent or Substitute Course Credits
    9. Revocation of Certification
    10. Reinstatement of Certification
    11. Application Fee


    1. General Requirements
    2. Program Plan
    3. Attendance Verification
    4. Session Survey
    5. Portfolio Questions

    Section III: CERTIFICATION PROGRAM CURRICULUM                                                               

    1. Course Descriptions
    2. Chart of Courses - Year One
    3. Chart of Courses - Year Two

    Appendix A: Certification Application

    Appendix B: Candidate Responses

    Appendix C: Continuing Education



    Thank you to the ASBOI Affiliate Executive Directors’ Group (AEDG) for their support and willingness to share their curricula with MoASBO. Much of the material contained within this manual comes from their long-established professional development programs. Special thanks to the associations in: Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas.