• The Board of directors will identify a standing committee structure to assist with Association management issues, provide timely and expert consultation, and assist with Association programs.


    Committee chairs will be appointed by the incoming President. The board will conduct an annual review of committee performance.


    5.1 Strategic Goals

    Committee charges will stem from the strategic plan and will advance the plan’s mission and goals. Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the President or executive committee at any time in accordance with the bylaws. Upon completing their charge, ad hoc committees will disband.

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    5.2 Agendas and Minutes

    All committees will prepare agendas for their meetings and record written meeting minutes, which will be provided to the Association’s executive director within 30 days of the committee meeting.

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    5.3 Authority

    Committees have no authority to sign contracts, incur debt, or speak for the Association without explicit delegation of the president of the board.

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    5.4 Committee Original Works

    The creative work of committees will be assigned to the Association and may not be considered the property of the committee or the committee’s members.

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